We would like to thank our fundraisers whose support is key to our continuous work.

      Recurring fundraisers

Laudy Asseily Lebanese International Swim Academy organises annual Swim-a-Thon fundraising in favour of Myschoolpulse US$ 38,091 Beirut
Alice Mogabgab Conferences at Alice Mogabgab Gallery US$ 5,716 Beirut
Alice Mogabgab Beirut Art Film Festival US$ 4,000 Beirut
Thierry Asté Thierry downloads music on clients’ iPods and donates all revenues to Myschoolpulse US$ 3,850 Beirut
Justice au Coeur The French Lycée’s charity and students organize events throughout the year £ 2,000 London

      One-off fundraisers

Micky Chebli Biking from Paris to Beirut undergoing on (May 2016) click here for info US$ 44,150 Paris to Beirut
Maissa Abou Adal & Ghia Hawari Recettes de Vie 2 (Nov 2015) US$ 10,000 Beirut
Farid Habib Ironman Zurich & Ironman Mallorca (Jul & Sep 2015) US$ 10,000 London
Rana Baladi E-conference: Marina Abramovic racontee par David Ruiz US$ 9,000 Worldwide
Danielle Badro Hiking the GR20 trail in Corsica US$ 7,560 Corsica
Parents Committee of the LLFP 2017 The Lycee Libanais Francophone Prive de Dubai raised funds for Myschoolpulse through a cancer awareness campaign US$ 5,400 Dubai
Ralph Masri Designers Jewelry sale in London US$ 3,500 Paris to Beirut
Rania Kassem Photo exhibition (Oct 2010) US$ 3,200 Beirut
Michel Khoury Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro US$ 2,000
Marc Habib UBP colleagues
Party (June 2018) Photos
US$ 2,000 Geneva
Serge Yared Concert (Dec 2011) US$ 2,000 Beirut
Danielle Abisaab Global Mala Yoga Day (Sep 2010) US$ 1,200 Beirut
Michele Chacour 10% of all Christmas sales (Dec 2016) US$ 800 Beirut
Frederic Khoury Fundraising evening (Sep 2010) US$ 750 Montreal
Cribari jewellery Private sale organized by Christine Bacha-Rizk & Angela Bacha (Apr 2012) US$ 540 New York